Joe Blackburn Returns To Bungie To Work On New Destiny Stuff

Joe Blackburn Returns To Bungie To Work On New Destiny Stuff

Former design lead Joe Blackburn, left Bungie in April last year but has just announced his return to work on Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: BANNED LOOT & NEW CHARACTER! Broken QUEST, Future Armor, Bugged Weapons, NEW Enemy & Raid

Destiny 2 NEWS: Banned LOOT, Broken Weapons, Kings Fall Loot, NEW Character, Future Armor Set, New Enemies & MORE! (Season 18 News)
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How Bungie Plans to Address Destiny 2 PVP, Inventory, and Future Stories

Bungie Isn’t Satisfied with where Destiny 2 sits today. They plan to address longtime fan concerns about PVP, Vault Space, and even have hinted at what they’ll do after the end of the light saga. With Destiny 2 Witch Queen, Bungie plans to address Destiny 2 PVP problems, as well as other longstanding issues such as Destiny 2 vault space with the new Weapon Crafting system. Bungie also hinted at what they’ll do after Destiny 2 The Final Shape concludes the Light Saga.

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Where Luke Smith failed and Joe Blackburn succeeded | Destiny 2

The new face that gave us hope for the future

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