Get A Power Bank That Charges Your Nintendo Switch As You Play For $40 Off

Get A Power Bank That Charges Your Nintendo Switch As You Play For $40 Off

Charging your Nintendo Switch on the go is possible, but you’ll need a power bank like this to be able to play it at the same time.

*DO NOT BUY* Nintendo’s Portable Charger ������

Whatever you do, do not buy Nintendo’s portable charger. They are expensive and there are better chargers that you can buy. Timestamps are down below just in case you want to skip.


Budget – 1:31

Bang for your Buck – 2:17

Give me the Best you Got – 3:30


Best Power Banks for the Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Switch can fly though battery in handheld mode. There are some Nintendo Licensed portable chargers produced by Anker however these are ridiculously overpriced and outdated. In this video we cover the best power banks to power a Nintendo switch on the go for extended periods of time. Time travel through gaming: play your favorite pokemon emulator online now.

00:55 How does the switch charge?
## 10,000 mAh packs
02:22 Ravpower Pd Pioneer 10,000
03:02 ZMI WPB01
## 20,000 mAh packs
03:45 Ravpower Pd Pioneer 20,000
04:13 Xiaomi Mi Gen3 pro
05:00 Aukey PB- &23
## 27,000 mAh packs
05:30 Zendure Supertank

XIAOMI POWER BANK 3 для NINTENDO SWITCH | Распаковочка и тест

Пришло время к замене повербанка, долго выбирал, что купить дорогой и большой xiaomi pro 20000mAh или что то поменьше, в итоге выбрал второе, поменьше полегче и подешевле. Результатом остался доволен.