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Augment Suite Review: Hello everyone, welcome to my augment suite review, in this review you are going to reveal almost everything about this software.


Is it worth buying or not? You will discover in this augment suite review. So, make sure to check the full review.

And don’t forget to check the useful bonuses that I am providing with augment suite. If you purchase it with any of the link on this page only then you are eligible to get all of the bonuses.

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What is Augment Suite?

In 2021, the trend of purchasing products online is way higher than offline. 

But the problem is, “we can’t understand is the product right fit for us?

Not understood why? Let suppose you want to buy a chair. You go to eCommerce sites and check different chairs, select one according to a static image of that chair.

But what if you could be in a position where you can see virtually the chair is in your room.

Isn’t it an amazing experience, and you can take better purchasing decisions? 

Yes, of course.

So, introducing Augment Suite is the first-ever app by which your audience or you can enjoy the beauty of augmented reality. 

If you are an online marketer or owner of the eCommerce store or website, then this app is the best app to skyrocket your online business within few days.

Augment Suite Complete Demo Video:

How is the app work? Reveal everything about Augment Suite with this live demo video.

Augment Suite Review: The BIG Benefits – 

1. Unforgettable Shopping Experience: Almost instantly grab the attention by taking the showroom experience to the customer’s home directly using augmented reality. This first impression will be unforgettable for your customers.

2. Helping customers: You are helping the customer to take the right decision using augmented reality. It will increase the conversion and drastically reduce the refund rate. This is an Extraordinary benefit of the Augment Suite app.

3. Top-notch purchasing decision: One of the big problems of eCommerce sites or online selling is the refund rate. Using this app, you can influence the buying decisions to a huge extent by letting customers get the feel of the product in their space, their room comfortably.

4. Gain trust: The biggest factor of being successful in online marketing is gaining the trust of the buyer. So, you can now easily gain the trust of the customers using this app.

5. Crush the competition: If you are not doing something that is unbelievable, then it is extremely tough to survive in the 2021 online marketing world because of the massive competition. 

It is the right time to destroy the competition and directly jump into blue-ocean where you have ZERO competitors.

6. Boost sales & Revenues: It will give you a big unfair advantage to skyrocket your business over millions of other marketers. In few months, you can boost sales and revenues to a great extent. 

7. Cloud-based Software: The best part is you don’t need to download and install it on your system. It’s a cloud-based app.

8. No apps needed for customers: And the second best part is the customer don’t need to install any app on mobile. He or she can directly use augmented reality by a QR code. 

9. No coding or technical skill required: The heavy-lifting of coding will be done for you by this app. You don’t need to have the knowledge of coding. 

Augment Suite Review

Augment Suite Review: Who does need this app?

For local businesses (such as shops or showrooms) and eCommerce businesses, this app is the most important app to crush the competition.

This app can be used to sell physical products. 

  • Fashion Store
  • Furniture Store
  • Cosmetic Store
  • Toy Store
  • Electronic Store
  • Decor Store
  • Accessories Store
  • Pet Shop
  • Gardening

Few other applications such as:

  • Gyms
  • Spas
  • Daycare centers
  • Restaurants
  • Handyman services
  • Dance Classes
  • Real estate agents
  • Pet care services
  • Cafes
  • Legal services

Augment Suite Review: Pricing & Funnels – 

Front-end: Augment Suite Ultimate $37 – 

You will get all the features that are necessary for augmented reality. You can create experience campaigns; spatial try on campaigns, virtually try on campaigns. And you can instantly share the campaigns on different social media networks. 

Along with this, you are getting some extra add-on features on the front-end itself. These are listed below.

  • Autoresponder integration
  • Webinar integration
  • Create QR codes
  • Embed code for all campaigns
  • Retargeting codes
  • Add your own branding
  • Integrate your own domain
  • Few DFY campaigns (customizable)
  • Commercial rights included

OTO 1: Augment Suite Professional $97 – 

There are some limitations on the front-end, such as you can not create as many campaigns as you want. 

But with this upgrade 1 that is Augment Suite Professional, you can create unlimited augmented reality campaigns.

This is an essential upgrade if you want to create unlimited campaigns. No limitations will be there if you go with this upgrade.

Along with this upgrade, you will get some additional benefits.

  • Unlimited AR campaigns
  • Geo location-based triggers
  • Clone feature
  • Advanced list segmentation
  • Pop-up script code
  • Widget script code
  • Increased media storage
  • 10 team members account

So, if you want to create so many campaigns and use the augment suite without any limitations or you need to have more than one account, then this upgrade is essential for you.

OTO 2: Augment Suite Vcard $47 – 

Business cards are becoming a thing of the past. Nobody carries them around anymore. 

With Augment Suite’s vCard, you can instantly share digital business cards that enable easy & faster communication for your customers, partners, and stakeholders. 

With this upgrade, you can easily create a QR code for your visiting card with actionable one-click events like calls, Emails, Whatsapp, website, payments, social links, maps, and more! Sharing is also super simple using QR code, link, or email. 

These digital business cards also help in contactless communication as there is no physical card involved. With the world going the digital way, Digital business cards are the way to go. 

Augment Suite vCard also comes with commercial rights. That means your customers can create & manage digital business cards for their clients and charge them a monthly recurring fee.

OTO 3: Augment Suite Agency $147 – 

Do you want to offer augmented reality services to clients (eCommerce site owners or Local Businesses)? Then this upgrade is for you. 

With the agency upgrade, you can offer it as services to the clients or as freelancing services. 

On upgrade 1, you are getting 10 team members to access, but here in upgrade 3, you get unlimited team members access. Along with add-on features

Extra Add-on Features of this upgrade 3:

  • Advanced client management dashboard
  • Manage unlimited clients
  • Custom branding to your client’s dashboard
  • Unlimited team members account.
  • Complete agency marketing kit
  • Agency website & Sales video
  • Facebook ads, Fiverr gigs & Phone scripts by which you can get clients effortlessly.

This upgrade is really good for agency owners and freelancers.

OTO 4: Augment Suite DFY Package $47 –

Don’t want to create augmented reality campaigns by yourself. Don’t worry, as the name suggests, upgrade 4 is fully loaded with done for you campaigns in various niches. Not only that, you will get 3 AR campaigns every month for the next 12 months. 

And these AR campaigns are created by professionals. That is why these campaigns are proven high converting campaigns.

OTO 5: Augment Suite White Label $297 – 

As the demand for the Augment suite is extremely high, you can grab the advantage of selling this software itself under your brand.

You don’t need to create the software, funnel, landing pages, etc. All of these are already being done. You just need to market Augment Suite software and keep all of the profit.

You can sell 50 to 100 white label licenses of Augment suite under your brand with this upgrade 5.

So there was all of the funnel structure of Augment Suite.

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